Zabel is an artist who’s first goal is to share strong emotions with her characters and the textures on the canvas. The feelings of the present moment guide her in every part for the creation. Each canva is a page from Zabel’s book, a story who’s only begining. 

The artist creates warm universes who will definitely seduce anybody looking at it. The vibration coming out of her artworks won’t let nobody indifferent. In every pieces, the artist provokes, with the movement of her spatulas, the textures and the ambiences, the feelings of romanticism and affection. 

Zabel’s only tools are her spatulas. The tools of the artist allow her to give the soul and the emotions to every artworks, while capting the present time. 


Since many years, her artworks seduced Quebecers from every area of the province, allowing her to be worth with many recognitions. After that, the artist wanted to go further. Her characters and her are now on many other places in Europre and the United States. 

Zabel always keeps one thing in mind when she creates: The canvas must bring anyone looking at it in its own romantic world. 

Let yourself fall in the romanticism universe of Zabel, located between the abstraction and figurative.

Let you capsize in Zabel’s story.



Prices & Distinctions

–> Guest of honor, M Festival Art et Lumières 2017, St-Sauveur

–> 1st gallery choice, 2016, Contest ¨Prix International des Galeries¨, Mondial Art Académia

–> 1st place, Art Challenge, June 2016, Rosemère

–> Chevalier Académicienne, Mondial Art Académia, France, 2016

–> 2nd place, Art Challenge, August 2016, L’Assomption

–> Finalist au Gala Artisan 2015 de la MRC des Chenaux, Commerce category

–> 2nd Price Camille St-Pierre 2013 (Peintre Chouchou), Symposium de Peinture de Baie-Comeau 2013, Baie-Comeau

–> 2nd Price Camille St-Pierre 2012 (Peintre Chouchou), Symposium de Peinture de Baie-Comeau 2012, Baie-Comeau

–> Nomination Public favorite, Boucherville 2013

–> 1st jury price, category: Originality, Symposium de l’Ile St-Quentin 2012

–> Public favorite, Symposium Des fleurs et des jardins 2012, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade

–> 1st jury price, category: Vivacity, Symposium de l’Ile St-Quentin 2011

–> Honorary member of the Artistes Peintre du centre-Mauricie Association