Zabel in New York

First exposition in New York

Zabel at the Art Expo New York

Back in April, the artist did her first appearance in an exposition in New York city. It was part of the international exposition Art Expo New York. It is one of the biggest international exposition in New York. It has a big strenght, it has many international artists as much as emergent one. The exposition has more than 1000 artists from all over the globe and more than 30 000 visitors each year. Many influent art collectors and some big art buyers wait for this exposition to show up the talent of tomorrow. It is the door of the biggest name in the art industry but also the one for the next generation of internationnal artists. Zabel has been one of the new artist of the 2017 edition and she did not disappoint the New Yorkers, she had a huge succes there.

MJ Laberge Galery takes Zabel under her wing

For Zabel, it was her first time being in New York with her artworks. She was there with the MJ Laberge Galery and its galerist Marie-Josée Laberge. MJ Laberge Galery, located in Boucherville, fell under the the charm of Zabel artworks since many years from now. It is with not even a doubt that MJ Laberge Galery had the desire to show the american market to Zabel. She first showed her the californian market, at the Art Palm Spring, than recently new yorkers market back in April.

With the succes the artist has knowed at the last Art Expo New York, she already knew she had to do it again. She seriously consider going back at the Art Expo New York, mostly to meet back the customer she made there, but also to get knowed even more by the international market. It is only the beginning of a huge international career. 


For more informations about the exposition Art Expo New York, visit the exposition website.